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Player Info:
Name: Drizz
Timezone: PST
Contact: [ profile] lightdrizzel

Character Info:
Name: Ladd Russo
Age: 25
CANON: Baccano

Key Points:
1. Grew up as a hitman for the Russo mafia family.
2. Murdered people. Found his fiance, Lua after murdering her fiance.
3. Murdered more people at a vehicle repair building, and befriended Graham Specter.
4. Set out to hijack the train, the Flying Pussyfoot, for ransom. Or just for the hell of it.
5. Fought Chane laforet and the Rail Tracer atop the train, retreated for the first time in his life.
6. Jumped off the train to save Lua, and lost and arm in the process.
7. Was arrested and sent to Alcatraz.

For this section, delve into the history of events your characters have gone through and slightly into how it may have affected them. We are not looking for a detailed novel, but a summary to support the key points above. Aim for 300 words, though as long as it is under 500 words your app will be accepted. Essentially: Try to summarize the history like how a wiki page would summarize it. Being concise is key.

For this section, focus on telling us about your character! Indicate who they are rather than what they do. You can refer to history in this section and go into more detail if necessary. While history is important this section should always be more about character personality/motivations. Aim for 300-800 words, though as long as it remains under 1000 words it can be accepted.

Gem Considerations: Tell us what gem you have chosen for your character and explain why. Discuss what changes they may go through. I'm looking for an understanding of the system, setting and character! Also consider what sort of trajectory or character goal you have in mind.

Power considerations:
List Three Powers You Would Like Your Character To Have:
  • Like healing

  • Teleportation

  • Or shapeshifting

Summarize how would they be affected by the powercap present in Cosmographia, and how they would react to gaining power.

Sample: You can re-use a sample from another game - threads must be at least 20 comments of commentspam or [action tag] style, from your character. Not 20 comments in total from the thread! 3POV prose are also accepted as well as monologues. Prose/monologues should be at least 250 words long.

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Servant: Etrigan
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 22nd
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 185 lbs
Blood Type: B
Place of Origin: North America
Likes: Killing people who least expect it, chaos, his fiance Lua
Dislikes: People who think that they're safe, meddling teenagers, the law
Talents: Professional level boxer, talented marksman, dormant magic circuits

Ladd Russo was born a rather nasty kid, to a rather nasty family. He enjoyed beating up other kids and had a wicked sense of humor, which only got worse as he got older. This was only magnified, as he was born into a major crime family. The Russo's have a hand in quite a bit of crime in America, and Ladd was to be trained to further that.

The Russo family actually had a hand in a past Holy grail war. While their magic was not as adept as in some other families, they made up for it by focusing on speed and durability enhancements. Unfortunately, his parents were killed in a work related accident, leaving him to be raised by his non-magical uncle, and his magic circuits went dormant. To compensate, Ladd learned how to use his muscles, and his wits, at the same time. He gained the skill of a championship boxer, as well as the knowledge of how to wield various firearms with expert precision. Even with his circuits dormant, he was a force to be reckoned with.

At some point, for whatever reason, Ladd Russo took a trip to Japan, probably looking for some excitement and new people to kill. He got his wish in the form of a group of mages who were stupid enough to underestimate him. Unfortunately, they had left behind enough info, and a half-completed ritual circle, so obviously Ladd had to finish it.

And that's how he joined the war.

-------Things Ladd's mun wants to possibly have happen
Ladd goes and has a lot of fun with Beserker
Ladd getting punched in the face
Ladd possibly killing an NPC
If at all possible, Ladd surviving the war


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