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OOC Information:
Name: Drizz
Are you over 15? Yup!
Contact: PM me here, or use my plurk
Current characters in the game: Rakka Yoshitoshi (Rakka)

IC Information:
Name: Ladd Splot (Ladd Russo)
Canon and Medium: Baccano! (specifically, the anime version)
Age: STE: 36 Canon: 25
Preincarnation Species: Human
Preincarnation Appearance: Like this
Any Differences: Of course, there will be less blood stains on his clothing. Ladd is also a bit older than his other self, so there's some slight difference in stature and complexions.
Starting Location: Locke City, NJ, USA.

Preincarnated History: Very little is known about Ladd Russo's past. He was born into the Russo family, a large crime family with history in Italy, sometime during the year of 1906 in New York City. It's unknown who his parents are, though it's possible that they're not alive as Ladd was basically raised by his uncle. Like all the Russos, Ladd was raised to be a very efficient assassin, killing without remorse or sympathy. In fact, he enjoys killing quite a lot. At one point he decided to elope with someone he loved dearly, which was clearly the greatest idea when you're a member of one of the biggest crime families in New york, and when she ended up murdered by a separate gang of people, he flew off the handle, grabbed the nearest pump-action shotgun, and decided to go on a murder spree. This cemented him in the minds of anyone that survived his attack that Ladd Russo was an extremely dangerous man.

Not much happened in the time between that and the anime, except for when Ladd came into contact with Lua. Ladd had quickly become his family's top assassin, killing everyone in his way with frightening precision. But eventually he came across Lua Klein. Similar to his own past, he murdered her fiancé basically because he could. Though, he ended up falling in love with her because of her looks, and her enjoyment of the carnage he creates. So, he decided that she was so beautiful that he, and only he, would be the one to kill her. The two of them fell madly - emphasis on the mad - in love, both staying at each other's side through thick and thing for who knows how long. Despite how insane it seemed, they were perfect for each other.

Very little else about Ladd's history was reveled, except that while he was working for his uncle, he was an enforcer of sorts. He would go down and kill a few people to make sure things were going smoothly. In one such instance, he was sent down to an area where people were replacing auto parts with cheap knock offs. Needless to say, he started killing everyone, and ended up in a standoff with Graham Specter, an insane wrench-wielder who was the only one that could stand up against Ladd's fighting prowess, albeit for a little while. Still, he was beaten, and gained a particular admiration to Ladd, calling him "Boss Ladd" and answering only to him, something Ladd was particularly proud of.

The most information we know about Ladd comes from 1931 where Ladd created a big plan to hijack the transcontinental steam train, the Flying Pussyfoot, take everyone onboard hostage - with a few killed and tossed out of the train as a warning - and then demand a ransom or else they'll crash the train straight into the heart of New York. Despite his Uncle's orders, and eventual pleads, Ladd departed with a group of people he'd assembled himself, all of which shared Ladd's taste for killing. The group, all dressed in white, boarded the train, Ladd leading them while also bringing Lua along. It wasn't very long before they already started killing people. One of the conductors first, and then the people in the black suits, that had themselves boarded the train to hijack it, though to free their leader, immortal Huey Laforet, from imprisonment. Ladd took the initiative, killing a few of them himself, and started rooting them out specifically before he got to killing the civilian passengers.

At a later point he met Czeslaw Meyer, another immortal who came aboard the train and used his child body to trick others into thinking he was a simple child. He attempted to work with Ladd, ordering him to kill everyone on the train and offering a reward for it, though his downfall came when he thought Ladd wouldn't kill him. Ladd heartily proved him wrong. Later, Ladd ended up on the top of the train, coming into contact with Chane Laforet, the lead assassin of the black suits and Huey's daughter. Knowing that she had been killing his men, Ladd did battle with her, but was forced to run for the first time in his life when it became a standstill. They met again at the back of the train and Ladd continued to taunt her as they fought, promising her that he'd find her father and kill him, even if he was supposedly immortal. He continued to push Chane to almost the breaking point, until the Rail Tracer stepped in.

The Rail Tracer was actually Claire Stanfield, former assassin for the Gandor crime family and hailed as the world's greatest assassin. He had become a conductor and was working on the train, only taking action when he discovered that innocent people were being killed. Claire instantly infuriated Ladd, what with his no fear of dying, and his smugness at the situation. Ladd tried to fight him as well, although with both him and Chane there, he was outclassed. He was then offered a choice by Claire; either jump off the train willingly, or Claire would kill Lua - who had just shown up, afraid for Ladd's safety - by tying a noose around her neck and attaching it to a passing sign. Ladd, after a moment's deliberation, took the second offer and jumped the train, saving Lua's life at the cost of his right arm and proving just how much he loved her.

In the end, Ladd was arrested, pleading self-defence despite all he did. Regardless, he was shipped off to Alcatraz and given a prosthetic arm. His sentence there was due to his interest in Huey Laforet. Sometime following that, he returned home and killed his Uncle.

Reincarnated History:

Ladd Splot had the unfortunate luck of being born into a poor family in the heart of New York City. Life was hard from the get-go to say the least. Still, his parents tried their best to put Ladd on the path to a good life. A shame it didn't work out. Ladd's childhood was loud and violent, full of fighting with people his age or older that picked on him for various reasons, the most notable reason being his unfortunate name. Ladd had actually picked up a reputation as a fighter in his youth, around the time he entered middle school. People grew to avoid him, just like he had tried to avoid the bullies that tormented him at first.

And that was how it was for most of Ladd's young life. He beat up whoever looked at him wrong and became a force to be reckoned with. Naturally, this strained his relationship with his parent considerably, being put through constant parent-teacher conferences was likely to case any relationship to become unstable. Thankfully for them, by high school Ladd had found another, safer way to put his physical attitude to use: high school sports. Football and wrestling especially. With his focus turned towards less socially damaging things, Ladd actually began to enjoy a bit of popularity, known for his brutal and efficient tactics. Things actually seemed to be on the rise for him.

But then one day his senior year, he met this girl. They met in class, and after class, and in between classes. They talked, and generally got along quite well. Almost everyone could tell that Ladd had the hots for her. It was all to easy to see that they were in love, which made it less surprising - but no less shocking - when it turned out one week that she was pregnant. This was unfortunately the final straw that broke the camel's back, and following a year or two after that, Ladd finally broke away from his parents after one last argument and took his now wife and child away to stay with her relatives in one, Locke City, Detroit. Their child, named Jacuzzi Splot, because obviously he needed to suffer from birth, eventually grew up here. In the meantime, Ladd looked around for work here and there. Given that he finished school with pretty good grades, he managed to get quite a few high-end jobs before he finally decided on what he wanted to do: be a police officer.

So, yeah. He was one of the cops everyone ignored in favor of a certain Detective. Oops.

First Echo: Ladd's first echo came to him one day when he was down by Locke harbour, doing a check of a warehouse with a few other police. A long memory came to him, showing him slaughtering a group of guys in a warehouse similar to this one. There were car parts every which way, and dead bodies and blood as well. As much as Ladd is a bad person, it shook him up quite a bit, and he had to take time off for a while.

Preincarnation Personality: Ladd has two, very distinct sides to his personality that instantly stand out to anyone that meets him. One side is far more humane and caring than you would expect a hitman to be, especially given who we're talking about. The other side is that of a sadistic lunatic that likes to kill everyone, especially people who think that that they're safe and therefore untouchable. No one is safe from his enjoyment of this act, not even his uncle. Ladd loves to inflict pain on others and have a little fun with them for his own entertainment, finding it stimulating to cause chaos and paranoia before getting to spilling the blood. He'll kill without remorse and without discrimination. He'll casually murder his own men if he feels like it.

As stated above, Ladd's most notable trait is his hatred for people who are too comfortable in their lives, and therefore do not fear death. He hated the Rail Tracer because he believed the world was all in his imagination and therefore there was no way he would die, and Czelaw Meyer because as an immortal he didn't fear death and did not think Ladd would refuse his offer. His uncle had grown too safe around Ladd, in Ladd's opinion, so he killed him. Going in the opposite direction, Ladd has a tendency to like people who fight fearlessly, knowing that they could die at any moment, such as Chane, or people whom only Ladd is allowed to kill, such as Graham Specter.

A minor thing to add, Ladd gets offended when people say they like his face. Especially if it's in another language. The reason for this is unknown.

Towards Ladd's more humane side, he possesses a protectiveness towards his fiancé and lover, Lua, who he acts very differently with compared to pretty much everyone else. For starters, he is truly in love with her, in his own special way. He fell in love with both her appearance, and her quiet enjoyment of the carnage he creates. He shows a softer side around her, calling her "Dollface" and giving her affectionate gestures such as gently cupping her chin or dancing with her. The affection is laced with sadism though, as Ladd vows he will kill her one day, after he'd kill everyone else in the world that needs to die, which Lua agrees to calmly. It also warps back into affectionate as he says that no one else is allowed to kill her but him.

Ladd also has a special relationship with Graham Specter, as noted. After firmly beating him in a fight, and Graham allowing Ladd to kill him, Ladd refused and the two quickly formed a close bond. During his time in jail, Ladd finally understood what the Rail Tracer had been telling him. Killing in itself isn't a strength or weakness, and Ladd actually came to see mercy in a better light, though it did not stop him from killing with abandon.

Ladd's personality towards normal people - I.E. his underlings, family, and people he doesn't know, is strangely affable. He's actually a pretty polite guy, even though he goes around rampantly murdering people. His men are treated like friends and comrades, but the moment they're dead, or Ladd stops liking them, he will literally walk right over them with nary a care in the world. He's very much a manipulator in that fashion, throwing people off with his calm, almost kind attitude, and then springing the trap when their guard is down.

As Ladd has a hatred of people who think they're safe from dying, Ladd himself lacks a sense of safety for the most part and feels threatened if he does feel safe. When he was faced with the Rail Tracer, he felt a rare moment of fear and he retreated from Chane, showing that he is not without a sense of caution.

Ever since Ladd was sent to prison, he managed to mellow out a little. He became a little more humble and isn't as hate driven as he once was, though that hate is still there of course. There is simply less hate than there was before. He now holds a grudge against Claire, being on the top of his to-kill list, only behind Huey Laforet, but only because he was in the same prison as Ladd and he never got the chance to kill him.

Overall, Ladd Russo is a sadistic child at heart, reveling in the chaos and bloodshed he creates.

Any Differences: Ladd's personality in general is a toned down version of his pre-reincarnated self. The most major thing is Ladd's decreased violent instincts. He's much less likely to get into a random fist fight, or shoot someone than before, but that doesn't mean he wont rough someone up if he thinks he should, he just wont beat you to death and dance on your corpse like his past self generally did. It mostly amounts to him caring less about you than he does about himself.

He's certainly nicer in this universe, taking his job as a cop fairly seriously and upholding the law, but bits of his other self still poke though. He's likely to use his job as a police officer to his advantage, and get what he wants if he has to. Dirty tactics are a given, and he'll even use underhanded tactics to arrest people and do his job. Though, as odd as it is, he does have his limits. He's not as corrupt as one of the cops that got shipped off with the detective.

He's also a family man now, which is completely different than what Ladd's other personality would allow. Wheras Ladd Russo would probably be content to just be with his fiancé, and maybe raise a kid, Ladd Splot wanted a kid that he could make into an ace at everything. And, while that failed miserably, being a dad actually managed to soften Ladd up a little, though he's abusive towards his son, Jacuzzi, mostly because they had such conflicting personalities, and he kicked Jacuzzi out after he learned that Jacuzzi was apparently a bootlegger, as well as one of the numbered. He thinks Jacuzzi is basically a disappointment, and he's partly responsible for making him the nervous wreck he is today. Besides that, he does love his wife a lot, and does a lot for her. He's still fiercely protective of things he loves, and will show it more than his other self ever did.

Abilities: Ladd Russo is a trained hitman and a very formidable assassin. He was one of the best fighters on the Flying Pusseyfoot, only behind the Rail Tracer himself in terms of frightening skill. He was easily able to kill many of the black suits, and killed more than anyone else on the train. Since he's the leader of the white suite, which is composed of insane killers, assassins and hitmen, it can be assumed that Ladd is the best out of all of them, being the most deadly and powerful.

Ladd's weapon of choice to kill with is his Lupara, which Ladd has named "Blasty" although, Ladd still knife fights very well. Whenever he uses Blasty, Ladd aims for vital parts of the body with deadly accuracy, showing that Ladd is an impressive marksman when it comes to guns.

Boxing is another of Ladd's impressive fighting styles, which he uses to his advantage in close combat. Ladd is easily able to overpower someone like this, dodging a black suits attacks and pummeling them with boxing moves until they were a bloody pulp. Although, he says that he has to work on his right hook. He can even combine Melee combat and shooting for an impressive combination attack, such as when he fought with Chane.

Outside of fighting abilities, Ladd Russo is very intelligent and a master manipulator, very good at reading people and gathering information, and he even uses his public image as an insane psychopath to his advantage by making others underestimate him or fear him so much that they make mistakes. He's very quick to react to changes in a plan, and will improvise as fast as possible.

What kind of involvement would you like your character to have in Save the Earth? I want Ladd to slowly remember that he was a force to be reckoned with. He's a good policeman for the most part, but one day he might just snap and go on a murder spree. That likely wont be very good for the Numbered's public image, now will it?

Roleplay Sample - Third Person: It had been a pretty perfect plan in Ladd Russo's mind. Hijack the trans-continental train, The Flying Pussyfoot and threaten to crash it straight into the middle of Manhattan unless his demands were met. Of course, obviously some people would have to die in the process as a means to the end. He was perfectly okay with that. Maybe he'd even follow through with the threat and crash the whole train, that'd make for an interesting killing spree, right?

But of course someone had to step in and ruin the fun. Those black suits... and the other little group with the scared boy gallivanting around the train, they'd get what's coming to them soon enough of course. But first, he'd have to deal with the others.

So, Ladd Russo walked though the train, alone and unafraid. The others had gone to look after Lua for him. Truthfully, he was looking for danger, literally anyone that looked like they would try and fight him. The bloodlust right now was insatiable, and he could feel his hand tightening around his shotgun at the thought of putting some unsuspecting person down while they least expected it.

"C'mon, throw something at me..." He muttered under his breath, one of his usual, slasher grins painted on his face and an unusual spring in his step as he hunted for prey. "What I need right now is some excitement!"

Roleplay Sample - Network: [The screen turns on with a flicker, briefly obscured by a bright light. The light in question, which seemed to be from a desk lamp, is quickly moved away. Finally, the video shows an adult male, sitting at a desk and looking thoroughly unimpressed.

He's also dressed in a policeman's uniform, if that means anything.

Well, this is fantastic. [Ladd mutters in his vaguely Brooklyn accent, rubbing his chin.] First I remember some really interesting memories, and now I got a password to a network I never wanted to subscribe to.

[He lets out a low laugh, almost sarcastic.] It's almost like it's karma or something. I'm guessing this is what the kid was talking about. Shame I kicked him out, he'd be almost useful right now. For once.

So! [He leans back in his chair, giving the viewer a smirk.] You guys are those super-humans I've heard so much about. The ones that helped destroy the business district, and get half the force arrested and taken away.

[A nod, almost polite.] Officer Ladd Splot, at your service.

Any Questions? Nope!